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The Biggest Perks of Flying First Class


One of the main reasons why so many people fly first class is the perks, the list of perks for passengers who choose to fly first class is outstanding, especially in comparison to an economy seat. Everyone should at least experience first class air travel once in their lives, you’ll be blown away by the difference and settling back into economy class could well be impossible.

Additional Services

The whole first-class package when flying with any airline is something to behold, there is simply no comparison between economy and first-class travel.

For example, have you ever sat in a cramped seat flying across the Atlantic trying to open your container of packaged food without hitting the other passenger with your elbows? In first class seating, you’ll never have this problem.

You’ve plenty of space in a first-class cabin, once you’ve finished your Michelin star lunch, you can get some rest in a spacious seat which conveniently folds down into a flat bed. Airlines will provide you with pyjamas, eye masks, bedding and a turn-down service to ensure you get the best rest possible.

Some of the other perks may possibly include a flat screen TV, Wi-Fi, goodie bag, customised food, gift bags and showers.

Less Stress

If you decide to fly first-class to Dubai or any other destination in the world, you’ll be pampered from start to finish, making the entire trip stress free.

You’ll avoid security lines and crowds of hovering passengers. In addition, you’ll be given access to priority screening lanes, so you can check in within minutes.

As a first-class flier, you’ll be entitled to access to the airport lounge. You’ll be offered complimentary food and drinks prior to boarding, making your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Feeling Refreshed on Arrival

One of the worst things about flying long haul is jetlag, it affects everyone in different ways, but if you don’t get any sleep in the air, its impact can be a lot worse on your body.

First class seats are a lot more spacious than any other on the plane, they don’t just turn down a couple degrees, they transform into a comfortable, flat bed.

Getting a better sleep allows you to hit the ground running, you’ll reach your destination fully refreshed and well-rested.

Space to Work

If you are flying first class for business purposes, you’ll have all the space and amenities you need to get the job done. A first-class seat is like an office, it has space, power outlets, comfortable seating, privacy and Internet connectivity.

If you’ve never used first-class, you should consider buying a ticket at least once in your life, just to experience the difference between that and an economy seat. First-class travel includes a long list of benefits from spacious seats to all the latest amenities. You’ll be pampered all the way to the airport with some airlines offering a complimentary chauffeur service along with access to the executive lounge.

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