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Planning A Getaway To Puglia? Don’t Miss These Experiences!


If you are looking for a destination in Italy that isn’t as crowded or popular as Milan or Venice, Puglia should suffice. Puglia, also called Apulia in English, claims over 800kms of coastline, and that makes it one of the best getaways for beach lovers. Book tickets and get your luxury villa in Puglia, because we are about to reveal the best experiences.

  • Make time for Monopoli. Monopoli is home to 19 medieval churches and is still counted as one of the smaller towns of apulia. Move ahead, and you can enjoy the beauty of the rock formations in Castellana Grotte.

  • Enjoy the food. Local food in Puglia is as Italian as you can imagine. Pizzas, pastas and seafood remain the top favorites. Seafood in Puglia is famed, and you will find many small eateries serving food to the local people, and that’s exactly where authentic Italian cuisine can be found.
  • Don’t miss Castel del Monte. Castel del Monte is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The castle is one of the most stunning you will find, perched on a hill in Andria. While the architectural charm is beyond words, the whole experience of watching the views is not to be missed.
  • Alberobello for the love of architecture. This is also a Unesco World Heritage Site, called as the Trulli Town. For the uninitiated, Trulli is basically a limestone house, which has a classic Italian vibe. There are many known villas and homes on rent that are inspired by the Trulli design.
  • Head to Ostuni. Ostuni is called the white city, mainly because of the narrow streets and houses that are painted in white. The local shops are great for shopping, and you will find a lot of farmhouses to visit too. The nightlife is not that charming as big cities but is still great for those looking for peace and booze.

We highly recommend that you check online for stays in Puglia, many of which are often booked weeks and months in advance. The summer time, which is between May and September, is rather busy, so booking beforehand is always advised. It is also a good idea to check for car rentals, which is the best way to explore the different parts of Puglia at your own pace. The streets here are pretty narrow, so you may want to take a small car, especially to navigate better through the towns.

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