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Have Fun at the Labuan Bajo Hotel


Holidays are times of fun and relaxation. At the Ayana Labuan Bajo Beach Resort, five star hospitality service meets the ideal location for fun activities for all holiday goers and guests at the hotels.

Located on the pink sand Waecicu beach, the Labuan Bajo hotel provides opportunities for fun activities, thrilling adventures and immersive learning.

Listed are some of the fun activities you can indulge in at the Ayana Labuan Bajo.

Enjoy a cruise

The Labuan Bajo hotel owns a phinisi yacht christened the Ayana Lako’dia that offers guests a three day five star cruise around the island. Uniquely designed, the Lako’dia accommodates eighteen in its exquisitely furnished master bedrooms. Aboard the boat, is a fully stocked kitchen manned by Ayana staff to ensure that the guests enjoy high quality meals.

In addition, the hotel also has several packages of day long cruises that it offers. These day long cruises are held in transparent bottom boats which enable the guest to see the variety of marine life in the sea around the hotel and the island.

World class spa

Guests at the Labuan Bajo hotel are in for a treat at the hotel spa. Ayana spas are award winning spas manned by highly trained professionals to provide the ultimate healing and relaxing massages. Using traditional Indonesian ingredients and massage techniques, the guest will leave the spas feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

Our guests can also have a massage in their rooms for when they are too lazy to walk to the spas.

Go snorkeling

The ocean around the hotel is protected and thus very clean and pure. You can therefore dive into any part of the ocean for a quick swim. Snorkeling is one of the most popular fun activities carried out by hotel guests. With snorkeling gear available at the hotel, you can have a deep dive into the ocean and experience the marine life in the ocean around this hotel.

Marine walk

You can also experience a marine walk if you do not want to snorkel. With a helmet and a diving suit on, you can experience a walk under water to have an out of this world experience with marine life of various species.

Water sports

The Labuan Bajo hotel is a surfer’s paradise. Surfers can catch the waves on the waves of the pristine ocean surrounding the hotel premises and thereafter bask in the sun on the pink sandy beach of Waecicu.

Guest can also kayak and paddleboard in the ocean. The hotel provides transparent kayaks and paddleboards to ensure that their guests get to enjoy and view the marine life at the same time.

Hiking at the nearby Padar Island

Adventurous guests can get on a boat from the hotel and journey to the nearby stunning and beautiful mountainous Padar Island. Here, the guests can take a thirty minute hike to the top of the island where they will get beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding. It is important for the hikers to wear comfortable hiking clothes and boots and carry enough water for the hiking journey.

Visit the Komodo dragons park

The Rinca Komodo dragon park is only an hour away by boat. Here, guests will get to experience the largest land lizard in the world. They are quite a sight to behold and can only be found in this area all around the world. In this park, guests are advised to always be accompanied by a ranger for their safety.

Wedding grounds

The Labuan Bajo hotel is located in a beautiful area and is highly suitable for weddings ceremonies and receptions. Their luxurious boat is one of the beautiful wedding grounds where wedding parties can enjoy the ceremony and honeymoon.

The beautiful pink beach around the hotel provides a stunning outdoor beach wedding ground. The hotel jetty and terrace are also available for weddings. They provide stunning settings and backdrops for intimate ceremonies that will be remembered forever.

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